We are and will remain committed to our early education in Rajshahi Cadet College and in light, hold our heads high in the communities we live by virtue of our character, our positive attitude to life and our will to prosper together and thus sustain ourselves as a distinct group of individuals serving to create the mosaic piece of distinctive culture in the societies we live.
We intend to establish our Pride and Passion in the hearts and minds of all Ex-Cadets living in Canada by providing them with the means and methods for a better communication, healthier interaction, and a brain-trust to improve our professional and personal lives thus instilling and enhancing better ties among the ex cadets.
We will share our wealth of knowledge and resources in bringing about prosperous lives for other cadets thus creating brand recognition of a new breed of internationally recognized human resources. We will sustain ourselves with regenerating funds that would augment our membership funds. In recognition of their support in bringing us up, we will assist the poor and the destitute with new hope and draw them to a new horizon of self-sufficiency in life that will replicate itself and create a chain reaction of prosperous families.
Upcoming Events:

July 18,2020
Orca Canada Picnic

Dates to Remember:

Aug 13, 2005.
Meeting took place on forming Orca Canada.

Oct, 2005.
Orca Canada Votes for the constitution.

Feb 11, 1964.
Foundation of Rajshahi Cadet College

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