On the day of Orca Canada Inauguration Session we have received messages from a lot of ORCA members. We do thank you for your support and message.
Mirza Quamrul Hasan 3/139. President ORCA
Congratulations on this great event. I would like to thank all the members of Canada Chapter for their all out efforts to open the new Chapter during the holy month of Ramadan. Inshallah by the grace of Almighty and active support from the Canada Chapter ORCA will be more stronger and active in future. Good to know that many senior active members were present during the opening session. I am confidant that under the leadership of Hasnat and youself, Canada Chapter will be able to make good contribution for the welfare of ORCA and our country. If you need any assistance from ORCA EC please let us know and we assure all possible assistance to Canada Chapter. Let all of us prosper together.

With warm regards to all.
Hamid Bhai 1/1
Best wishes on your journey into unchartered waters. We are there to share our experiences. Please count on us, and feel free to contact us. On 16th, please convey best wishes, from me personally and from all ORCA-USA EC members, in this journey of yours to be launched in the presence of Taneem who was my VP when I was GS, and together we journeyed through unchartered waters, and took ORCA with us; and in the presence of Azmat -- a very close friend of mine. Through the active paticipation of you all, may ORCA rise to higher heights and to greater glories, on bonds of brotherhood, and with spirit of service to a poor country, that sacrificed so much for us. Let all of us prosper together.

May the Almighty bless you all, and bless all of us.
Montreal Boys. Habib, Mahbub, Mohsin, Zafar, Junaid
Knowing about ORCA Canada and its future agendas, we have been highly enthused. The team work that you and the Steering Committee brothers have passionately coordinated to take ORCA Canada to the edge of its grand inauguration, is truly exemplary! On this historic occasion, we the boys from Montreal convey our heartfelt congratulations and wish you all a very happy opening ceremony. We wish we could be there too, but our hearts and minds will be with you on the Sunday evening. At this formative stage let all of us work together to build and strengthen this noble organization. May Allah Ta'Ala guide us to takeoff and prosper.
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July 18,2020
Orca Canada Picnic

Dates to Remember:

Aug 13, 2005.
Meeting took place on forming Orca Canada.

Oct, 2005.
Orca Canada Votes for the constitution.

Feb 11, 1964.
Foundation of Rajshahi Cadet College

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