ORCA Canada has been formally launched in a fun fested Iftaar get together at “Havelli” a Pakistani restaurant in Mississauga. After an overwhelming “yes” vote from the members conducted online (not that much like that of Iraq) on the newly framed ORCA-Canada constitution, the Chapter was formally announced open by the famous trio “Taneem Bhai, Azmat Bhai, and Qamrul Bhai” all from the first batch. In a rare phone call from Montreal, “Junaid” the youngest member of ORCA Canada and the son of Towhid Bhai from the first batch, jokingly asked Taneem Bhai, if he should break the norm and call him an uncle and not Bhai. This was for the first time we all felt we are definitely aging, when an ex cadet would dare to call a senior brother as uncle.
Hasnat Bhai, the current President of the Exploratory Committee opened the session outlining the process we went through in assessing the feasibility of forming ORCA Canada and thanked all members for their support and their vote. The floor was then given to Rial to announce the charted path for ORCA Canada for the coming 3 months.
Rial thanked the members and their family for their attendance and thanked those who had wished well for ORCA Canada and mentioned Hamid Bhai, Abu Bhai, Rezaul Bhai, Monzu Bhai, Tulip, Quamrul Bhai, by name for their email and read Hamid Bhai’s email welcoming ORCA Canada. He then read through the letter from the Montreal based members who were unable to attend.
Rial mentioned of 7 short and long term objectives for ORCA Canada listed below:
  1. Get formally approved by ORCA Headquarters as a Chapter of ORCA
  2. Register ORCA federally as a non profit organization
  3. Elect the First Executive Committee under the new constitution
  4. Launch a Bangladeshi Caucus to rally support to help develop Bangladesh
  5. Rally support from the Parliamentarians both from Bangladesh and Canada
  6. Develop proposals for social development projects in Bangladesh and submit for Funding to CIDA and other funding agencies
  7. Develop initial seed money to start ORCA Canada operations
Rial introduced Taneem Bhai to the forum and asked him to say a few words. He thanked all members and asked everyone to work hard in spreading its central theme of spreading fraternity and brotherhood globally. He mentioned the need for reaching out to other cadet college members and association for extending our reach globally.

Rial then introduced Azmat Bhai, an established Banker from Pakistan. Azmat Bhai spoke of inside help among members so that everyone can get settled in Canada and prosper together. He also stressed the need for global programs to assist individuals launching new businesses and programs.

Qamrul bhai thanked everyone for their support and hard work to get ORCA Canada launched and wished it become a successful organization in the days to come on fulfilling and achieve its objectives.

Tazeem Hassan spoke of support to all members about any banking related issues and hoped everyone success. Members then introduced themselves and their spouses to the team.

The team then had their dinner together and had some photo sessions.
Upcoming Events:

June 28 - July 1, 2019
Orca North America Reunion

Current News:

December, 2018
Preparation for NA reunion has started

Dates to Remember:

Aug 13, 2005.
Meeting took place on forming Orca Canada.

Oct, 2005.
Orca Canada Votes for the constitution.

Feb 11, 1964.
Foundation of Rajshahi Cadet College

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