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Our Cadet College was established in 1967 by Ayub Khan, the then President of Pakistan, with a view to preparing young generation to provide leadership to the armed forces but it was not made compulsory for the cadets to join the armed forces. As a result, the passing cadets have shown their zeal and skills in the government, private sectors, teaching, and business.

Now the members of our alumni association are decorating high positions in the armed forces with top brasses, in seats of power in the government, entrepreneurs setting examples in the management, finance, garments, manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality and other services.
Upcoming Events:

July 12, 2009.
Orca Canada meets for the AGM.
Current News:

Oct 17, 2005.
Formal Launch of ORCA Canada.

Aug 13, 2005.
Meeting took place on forming Orca Canada.

Sept 10, 2005.
Conference on Orca Canada constitution.

Oct, 2005.
Orca Canada Votes for the constitution.

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